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the worlds leading round neodymium magnet for magnetic separator

Please be care when break apart because Neodymium block magnet have strong Magnetism. Shape: rectangle. Composite: Neodymium's magnet. Type: Disc. Grade: N35. Size:D*T=20mm * 3mm. Tolerance: +/ - 0.1mm. Plating: Nickel. Max Working Tempearture: 80 degree centigrade. Package included: As your choose. Our Company. Xiamen Zhaobao Perm Magnet

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how to separate strong magnets - strong neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets pull towards each other with a strong force. If you try pulling two magnets directly apart, you need quite a bit of force to pull them apart. To separate one magnet from another, you'll need to pull with a force equal to the listed Pull Force Case 1 number. This can be difficult if the magnet is strong, or if there isn't much

powerful and industrial round magnetic

Flexible adhesive magnetic tape product Neodimio Neodimium Magnet Neodium magnet Neodym magnet shape round, magnet sheet (magnet disc) net weight 1.2 g diameter * thickness D10*2mm (D0.4*0.08in) coating Ni or Zn grade N35 (under 80 degree) magnetise direction Axial or Radial Special neodimium materials, small size similar types D11*2mm, D9*2mm, D10*2mm, D10*1mm How to pay

magnetic separator & industrial magnets supplier | gtek

Welcome to contact us by fill the right contact form or write to us directly by the contact info below: +86 138 6784 5744 / +86 159 5822 9409. [email protected] No.156, North Zhenxi Road, Shengshan industrial town, Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Ask us for a best magnetic solution for your situation, don't hesitate to contact

waterproof strong magnets rare earth neodymium: disc 24

MAGNETLAND presents the STRONGEST magnets in the store world with REASONABLE PRICE! ... there are 24 super strong high power creative neodymium discus round rare earth small heavy duty button cup magnets and plastic separators to make it easier to remove them. ... N52 Strong Permanent Neodymium Rare Earth NdFeB Round Thin Magnets Disc for Craft

china d25x5mm round magnets and super magnets in the

D25x5mm Round magnets and super magnets in the magnetic materials . Neodymium disc magnets (Nd-Fe-B) are made from the most powerful magnetic materials in the world. These supper magnets have superb strength for their size. Supper magnets are composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals

neodymium magnet, flexible magnet

Fishing magnets (also called Salvage magnets) are consist of a handling ring on the top of a strong pot magnet, with rare earth neodymium magnets encased inside. Magnetic Hooks Magnetic hooks (also called Hook magnets) are consist of a hook on the top of a steel cup with magnets encased in

neodymium - magnets - fasteners - the home depot

Top Rated. Master Magnet 1/2 in. x 3/16 in. Ceramic Disc Magnet (40-Pack) (118) Model# 96764. Klein Tools Magnetizer/Demagnetizer (117) Model# MAG2. Master Magnet 3/4 in. x 26 ft. Magnetic Tape with Dispenser (76) Model# 96774. MASTER MAGNETICS Magnet Hooks Neodymium (2-Pack) (29) Model# 813284. Master Magnet 1/2 in. Dia Neodymium Rare-Earth

rare earth magnet price (07.21)

Jul 21, 2021 · Jul 21, 2021 · Rare Earth Magnet Price (07.19) Price Trend Of Praseodymium And Neodymium [Octo... Rare Earth Magnet Price (07.16) The Cumulative Export Volume Of Rare Earth From... Rare Earth Magnet Price (07.15) China's Rare Earth Exports Fell 3.8% in June! U... Rare Earth Magnet

neodymium magnet - 100 results | amf magnets

It is identified by the AMF magnet part number D-D15H3-N38E, Uses for our rare earth disc magnets : This small Neodymium magnet is constructed from high-grade N38 magnetic material and the increased ... $3.27 for 1 to 9 items. $2.75 for 10 to 99 items and save 16%. $2.26buy 100+ items and save 31%

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Jul 16, 2021 · Praseodymium and neodymium are the main raw materials for producing high-performance NdFeB magnets, which account for about 27% of the cost of NdFeB permanent magnet materials. Therefore, the price increase of praseodymium and neodymium will lead to the increase in the price of magnets by magnet manufacturers

magnetic separator manufacturers, suspension magnet

Magnetic Separator Manufacturers In India. Kumar Magnet Industries is a highly reputed company in the domain of High Power Permanent Magnetic Equipment.We deliver world-class precision magnetic components and equipment to our clients spread across the country and abroad

rare earth (neodymium) magnets | magnets for sale

RARE EARTH (NEODYMIUM) MAGNETS: Neodymium magnets are part of the Rare earth magnets group.These magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets produced commercially. They are the most popular magnets due to their excellent power and compact size. Even a small magnet that weighs only 2 grams has a holding power of 1700grams

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